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Ahoy, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Martin, a 29 years old interactive designer and director from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Over the years I've worked for some global brands like MARS, KFC, Heineken, Milka, Kinder, Jacobs, Vichy, Lierac and Nissan. My involvement with these brands included generating ideas, sketching, wireframing, designing and ensuring the overal quality of the work.

Besides generating concepts, creating mock-ups and designing for various media and devices I also love being part of the entire process from the beginning until the very end - ensuring the final visual quality. Being curious about digital technologies, trends and best practices I'm always trying to improve and reach for more.

In my spare time I watch tons of documentaries, go in the wild, listen to electronic music and play some old computer games.

Feel free to shoot me an Email or buzz me on Facebook, Behance, Linkedin or wherever you find me.

— philosophy

Following some simple rules:

1. Idea is everything.

2. Think outside the box, or it will think outside you.

3. Technology, execution and venue are all functions of an idea.

4. Never think about the solution, without having a clear goal.

5. Keep things simple and solve problems by basic iterations.

6. Talk less, listen more, work even more.

— recognition


Featured on Admire the WebAugust 2012

Featured on CSS Design VaultAugust 2012

Featured on AbduzeedoAugust 2012

Featured on The{Web}BasedJuly 2012

Featured on WebinspeerJuly 2012

Featured on Best Web GalleryJuly 2012

Featured on CSS GardenJuly 2012

Featured on QindexJuly 2012

SOTD on CSS AwardsJuly 2012

Featured on CSS ManiaJune 2012

Nominated on AwwwardsJune 2012

Nominated on CSS Design AwardsJune 2012

Nominated on CSS WinnerJune 2012

SOTD on CSS ReelJune 2012

Featured on Design FridgeJune 2012

Featured on Design by GridJune 2012

Featured on SiiimpleJune 2012

Featured on ColorgorizeJune 2012

Featured on Grid AssaultJune 2012

Featured on NeuecssJune 2012

Featured on DzinemartJune 2012

Featured on Most InspiredJune 2012

Featured on DefringeJune 2012

Featured on Blog du WebdesignJune 2012

Featured on MakeBetterWebsitesJune 2012

Featured on Cool HomepagesJanuary 2012


SOTD on French Design IndexNovember 2011

Featured on WebDesign FileApril 2011

Featured on QntMarch 2011

Featured on RGB GardenMarch 2011

Featured on Pixel Perfect PortfoliosMarch 2011

Featured on ColorgorizeFebruary 2011

Featured on Strange FruitsFebruary 2011

Featured on Folio FocusFebruary 2011


Featured on Folio StarsDecember 2010

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